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The interactive “shop-able” video experience that connects the world with what they truly want.

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“See it, Buy it”, turns your video into a interactive shopping experience. Whether it’s a TV Show, Movie or some user created content. Viewers can then click on anything they see, or when they hear something of interest. Those objects, items, or information is seamless placed into a shopping cart without disturbing the viewing experience.

  • See a dress you love - CLICK IT
  • See a suit you like - CLICK IT
  • Love that Sofa- CLICK IT
  • What hotel is that? - CLICK IT
  • You like that sound track - CLICK IT

  Get Social

Our technology enhances product placement by making it subtle, providing instant shopping capabilities! See it Buy it can also handle multiple shoppers in a social shopping experience:

  • Chat
  • Share a video
  • Watch the video together.
  • Tweet
  • Facebook
  • Google +

Well You get the idea.

  Brand Videos

Simply put, video sells product. Adding video to your online store isn’t a new idea and neither is product placement. Research shows that customers who view product videos are buying at higher rates than those that don’t.

"See It, Buy It"takes your video to the next level by allowing the viewer to make a purchase instantaneously! ROI


We are a full-service agency for the digital age. We help brands connect with consumers through creative content consumer engagement and interactivity. Our solutions are rooted in creativity, and built for clients that are eager to explore the untapped opportunities of the digital space.

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