Empact Interactive Media

Monetizing Product Placement In Videos

What Does Empact Do?

Empact Interactive Media turns your video into a interactive shopping cart. Whether its a TV Show, Movie or some user created content. Our technology maps items in your video to metadata that describes the product or other content. Viewers can then click on anything they see or when they hear something of interest. When users click we put those objects in the shopping cart, without disturbing the video.

The advertising solution the industry been searching for in the digital age.

The Internet and Digital Media have changed the way viewers watch TV. Viewers want what they want when they want it and on a variety devices. This shatters the traditional commercial model of 30 and 60 second spots. Viewers skip through commercials. on the web they don't tolerate repeated commercial interruptions. Product placement solves these problems as the content is now also the advertisement. Our technology enhances product placement by making it subtle and providing instant shopping capabilities.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pay Per Click

Our Pricing model is Pay Per Click, Pricing ranges from $1.00 to $0.10 per click. Volume pricing and associate programs are also available. Please contact sales@empactv.com for detailed pricing information.

Getting Started

First you must submit your video or media in digital form. You MUST own the ©copyright to the content being submitted. Secondly you must supply a list of items including descriptions, pricing, etc. to be mapped in the video.

Once submitted we then map your video. Mapping can take 1 - 2 business days to complete You are then sent the <embed> code to insert the interactive media in your web site.